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The tranquility of southern Rhode Island, the home of addiction recovery.

Zinnia Exeter Residential Program for Men and Woman, located in a quiet rural setting in southern Rhode Island, provides treatment in an environment exclusively for men with alcohol and/or other drug addiction problems

Residential treatment provided includes group counseling; life-skills training; education on substance use disorder effects, relapse prevention skills; and participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other appropriate self-help groups. Zinnia also offers individualized aftercare plans, which are essential in establishing long-term recovery. At the Zinnia Exeter Residential Program for Men, patients experience a new sense of purpose and are motivated to pursue positive goals and values.

Our Program


The program serves men and woman who need residential treatment for substance use disorder, including those with co-ocurring mental health issues. Length of stay is determined by individual assessment and progress toward clinical goals, but average length of stay is 28 days. Most insurance plans are accepted, including commercial and Medicaid Expansion insurances. Funds may be available for clients who have no insurance coverage or insurance that is not accepted by Zinnia Exeter.

The Zinnia Exeter Residential Program for Men is accredited by CARF, a nationally recognized standard of excellence.

Our Services


Alcohol Rehab

Zinnia Exeter provides the skills that men and women need to keep a job and stay sober for the long haul. Clients can discover the ways to overcome fear and live each day without a drink. Our alcohol rehab treatment stands apart from the rest through integrity, compassion, and structured care.


Drug Rehab

Our dually accredited and fully licensed rehab center gives you the tools you need to break the cycle of drug addiction and realize a happy and healthy life you’ve dreamed of.


Addiction Treatment

We know that everyone learns differently. For that reason, we make the effort to provide unique treatment options for addiction treatment.

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